• I Will Be Back

    A conversation with Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia from 2004 to 2013. In the interview, he comments on the war in Ukraine, the current political situation in Georgia and reveals his plans for the future.

  • Business vs. Foreign Policy

    Lucrative Rosatom’s investments in Europe may fall victim to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The real threat for the Russian economy, however, would be an exclusion from the SWIFT system, which would cut Russia off from the last streams of western money.

  • Assumptions that do more Harm than Good

    Admitting the truth that materialistic values are now of primary importance in Ukraine will only mean that we have started taking the situation in Donbas more seriously.

  • Why Fight for Donetsk Airport?

    After 242 days, the defenders of Donetsk airport finally lost their battle. In Ukraine, the defence of Donetsk airport is being compared with the Battle of Thermopyle – a brave but hopeless fight.

  • Transnistria’s Economy Going from Bad to Worse

    After months of crisis which has been ongoing since 2013, Transnistria faced the threat of economic catastrophe. Such poor conditions of Transnistria’s economy have additionally worsened due to the Ukrainian crisis.

  • Is Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism?

    As France and Europe mourned and condemned the senseless terrorism in Paris, the European Parliament only a few days later, refused to describe the Russian-sponsored separatist enclaves in eastern Ukraine as “terrorist.” Why the double standards?

  • The Paranoia over “Greater Albania” Returns

    Aside from lack of domestic support, the concept of Greater Albania is absolutely refuted by all of Albania’s key allies, including the indispensable US and the EU. There is no serious political motivation in modern Albania and Kosovo to enact any expansionist policies.

  • On the Road to Collapse?

    The ongoing conflict with Russia and the war in Donbas make the gloomy economic condition of Ukraine less visible. Meanwhile, it is the economy that will have a prevailing influence on the future stability of the country and will shape Ukraine’s statehood.

  • Sanctions on Russia: The hidden cost

    The current crisis cannot turn into a rerun of the Cold War, as has been suggested in some circles, because the economies involved are much more interlinked than before the fall of the Berlin wall. And yet, more sanctions are on the horizon.

  • Lithuania: Getting used to the euro

    No matter what the Lithuanian prime minister and Vitas Vasiliauskas, chairman of the Bank of Lithuania, say about the smoothness of transition and benefits such as cheaper loans and liquidation of costs of the exchange, some problems have already occurred.

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