• The best birthday in prison

    Home is not only the place you grew up or live at the moment, but also involves just trying to understand which of all your locations would be worth this title. Sometimes it can also be something that someone is looking for, has just lost or is forced to accept. 

  • A far right hijack of Intermarium

    The appeal of Intermarium on the far right lies in how it can be portrayed as a political third way.

  • Russia is a real player in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

    Interview with Razi Nurrulayev, an Azerbaijani politician and chairperson of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP). 

  • New generation for the new country

    Two different generations coexist in Ukraine with different values ​​and views of the country's past and future. In 2017, the post-Soviet system is striking back. Experienced bureaucrats are often sabotaging the changes which sooner or later could relieve them of their previous power. 

  • The biggest ills of the Russian territorial system

    Russia is a federation of a special sort, whose boundaries are based on ethno-national divisions within the country. This requires the authorities to conduct a “flexible” regional policy, often conflicting with the basic constitutional rules.

  • Islam in Poland

    Interview with Konrad Pędziwiatr, lecturer at Kraków University of Economics. Interviewer: Luc Maffre. 

  • The hangover of transformation

    In the eyes of Czech populists, migrants, Islam and a unified Europe threaten the country’s way of life. While this has much in common with other populist developments, the Czech case also reveals a legacy of post-communist transformation that is now undermining liberal democracy.

  • Russian America: How Russia colonised the West?

    On March 30th 1867 the Russian Empire sold its remaining territories in North America to the United States. Exactly 150 years ago Russians had decided to leave the American soil for good and the story of "Russian America" ended.

  • Chaos or Stability

    In terms of world politics, Russia and China reject the US claim to primacy and western domination in the world. With the changes now taking place in the West, Russia expects to thrive amidst the chaos, while China wishes to maintain some degree of international stability. 

  • Nuclear power in Poland: An unholy idea?

    Poland faces a lot of challenges for its future energy policy. It is still unclear whether it will build new nuclear reactors and if so, how their waste will be dealt with.

  • Homo politicus, Homo passionis

    Politics and international relations are more than just a game of different interests. Taking emotions into account is as important as dry policy analyses, because what may seem as irrational at first glance, might appear reasonable if considered through a prism of affect.

  • Königsberg is no longer

    Photo report from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. 

  • Between Kant and Kalinin. The identity of Kaliningrad

    Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast is a region that usually appears in the media in the context of Russia's tense relations with the European Union and the NATO. Rarely can one hear or read about the everyday life in the region.

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