• Russia Will Want War in Ukraine to Stop

    An interview with Richard Farkas, a professor at DePaul University in Chicago: "Putin came to power with no political experience. If you work in the KGB, you do not ever make policy."

  • Eastern Partnership: From Association to Mobility

    Interview with Konrad Pawlik, Undersecretary of State for Eastern Policy, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "The European Neighbourhood policy is an offer to the countries. The offer is on the table and they can take as much as they want."

  • A Critical Summit

    For the European Union, as for the partner countries including Georgia, this Summit will therefore be critical. We must make sure it delivers a strong message of joint commitment to the European future of our region.

  • The Unheard Voices on the Eve of the Riga Summit

    The EU continues to focus on the positive long-term results. This is actively exploited by Russia which cannot offer a viable long-term development model, but manages to “buy” the neighbour countries with short-term benefits.

  • The Foreign Policy Wiseman Speaks Again

    A review of World Order: "Even though Kissinger’s peak years of influence were nigh on half a century ago, he still remains a significant thinker in international relations to this day, if not a direct shaper of policy."

  • In Russia, Nothing is Certain

    An interview with Sergei Davidis, a Russian opposition politician and human rights activist: "Zaur Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev seem to be the true killers of Boris Nemtsov but because the Russian law enforcement agencies have a very bad reputation, nothing is sure."

  • A Businessman’s Arrest and the Decline of a Regime

    The arrest of a leading hi-tech entrepreneur revealed the nature of the Belarusian political system, which appeared to be unable to not only supply democratic accountability and rule of law but also the presence of a functioning state.

  • An Agreement without Agreement

    China gets cheap gas from Turkmenistan right now, but it also seeks diversification, which helps explain Beijing’s ongoing negotiations with Russia on new pipelines.

  • Reconfirming Europe’s Commitment to the East

    Interview with Juris Poikāns, Ambassador-at-Large for the Eastern Partnership at the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "The key message we want to send to the world is that Europe is serious about its commitment to its Eastern neighbours."

  • DOUBLETAKE: A New Cold War?

    In the inaugural text of a new section called "Doubletake", New Eastern Europe asked David Kramer, a senior director at the McCain Institute for International Leadership, to answer the question: Are we really in a period of a new Cold War?  

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