• Has Putin Painted Russia into a Corner?

    Although by waging its clandestine war, Moscow succeeded in thwarting Ukraine’s ambitions to integrate westwards – for now at least – Russia has been unable to limit the fallout for itself.

  • From “Asian” to “European”: Russia and its Muslim minority

    As in China or India, Islam is the historical religion of Russia. Although Islam has existed in in these nations for many centuries, nowhere within those countries does it enjoy de facto equality of rights or status compared to the religion followed by the majority.

  • Mariupol: The city of everyone’s desire

    Since last autumn, control over the Ukrainian city of Mariupol has become a prime military objective for both the separatist forces of Eastern Ukraine and their Russian supporters.

  • Forced Displacement in Hungary Sets Dangerous Precedent

    Members of Hungary’s minority Roma community continue to be evicted from their homes in the eastern city of Miskolc despite a Supreme Court ruling and international pressure on Hungary’s government to protect the basic rights of its citizens.

  • If Europe is from Venus, then Russia is from Mars

    In 2003 American scholar Robert Kagan wrote an essay titled Of Paradise and Power which was supposed to reveal the mounting discrepancies between Europe and the United States. Undisputedly there is a missing element in Robert Kagan’s essay: Russia.

  • When Politics Gets into Football

    Georgia’s relations with neighbouring Azerbaijan underwent recently a serious test as a result of a scandal that happened during the first leg of a UEFA Europa League qualifier between Dinamo Tbilisi and Azerbaijan's Gabala on July 2nd.

  • The Last Dragoman: Azerbaijan’s Vafa Guluzade

    A profile of Vafa Guluzade, an Azerbaijani diplomat, political scientist and specialist in conflict resolution who passed away in 2015.

  • Europe Needs a New Narrative

    An interview with John Kornblum, American diplomat and businessman and former US ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Pour Water in Sand, Bring Oil to Fire

    The US and the EU remain very uncreative in their attempts to resolve the Ukrainian conflict. Their primary method of winning the war over Ukraine is committing yet more material resources without paying attention to the risks.

  • The Evolution of Russia's Strategic Importance for the US

    After what seems to have been a general trend of relegating Russia to a relatively unimportant factor in US foreign policy, Russia has once again begun to emerge as a central theme in US foreign policy discourse.

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