• Petro Poroshenko's Speech at the Polish Sejm

    The speech delivered by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on December 17th 2014 at the joint session of the Polish Sejm and Senate.

  • Island Russia

    An interview with Andrew Wilson, a Reader of Ukrainian Studies at University College London and a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Author of the recent book Ukraine Crisis: What It Means for the West.

  • An Unexpected Death of South Stream

    The cancellation of the South Stream project took many by surprise. What is behind this sudden change of heart?

  • A Do-It-Yourself International Humanitarian Mediation in Nagorno-Karabakh

    A fatal ceasefire violation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict took place on November 12th 2014 when Azerbaijan forces shot down an unarmed helicopter.

  • From Pornographer to Prophet

    Vladimir Sorokin is undoubtedly one of the most electrifying figures in contemporary Russian literature. He has been triggering intense emotions and dividing Russian public opinion for nearly four decades. The Sorokin phenomenon, however, is not easy to define or classify.

  • New Government, Old Practices

    A year after the beginning of the active phase of the EuroMaidan, Ukraine has finally gained a new parliament which formed a new ruling coalition. But the political culture and decision-making methods, unfortunately, has remained the same.

  • CIA Prisons on Polish Soil: A new perspective

    Interestingly, Poland hosted the CIA prison because the US authorities were not able to have it at home on territory under the jurisdiction of the United States. In such a case, the US Constitution would apply, which also prohibits torture.

  • Divided Kosovo

    Kosovo is a country of stark contrast – whilst being one of the most pro-American states in Europe it is also a country that has a large number of radical Muslims.

  • A Revitalised Competition in the European Gas Game

    In terms of Azerbaijan’s position as an energy supplier to Europe, however, the keystone state in this regard is Turkey, as Azerbaijani energy will almost inevitably have to pass through Turkey in order to reach Europe.


  • Neue Ostpolitik 2.0

    Germany has emerged as a major player on the European arena, being actively involved in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. Since the annexation of Crimea, the country’s leaders have significantly focussed on Ostpolitik.

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