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Andrzej Zaręba political cartoons

Gallery of political cartoons drawn by New Eastern Europe’s illustrator Andrzej Zaręba.

January 20, 2021 - Andrzej Zaręba - New Eastern Europe

The Peskov Line

Lavrov in a restaurant 

Public image

Go ahead! You’ll make it

Regrouping the troops

Political kitchen


Amnesia International

Secret code

Tradition 2.0


– Who’s there? – NATO


Russian bear

The official version

Continental breakfast

Hunger games


“The Moscow Patriarchate on a pilgrimage to Kyiv”

May 9th



“A crisis of the armoured forces” – The agrarian forces of Ukraine

Sino-Russian friendship – behind the scenes

All inclusive

The strength of tradition

Heat wave

Sailing season in the Black Sea

House arrest

Mars – the red planet


Open heads

End of the lockdown


Reusable statue


Folk song and dance ensemble Security Forces

Online parade 


Old married couple

Party control tools

State resources

Batka – a humane Sire

A new broom sweeps clean in Chisinau 

A national awakening

Cybersecurity in the traditional version

All the best!

Adoration of the Magi

The drain pipe of freedom

Don’t worry be happy!

Batka’s latest mission

Moldovan election – a large Dodon

War in Nagorno Karabakh

On Russia

Andrzej Zaręba is New Eastern Europe’s illustrator.

We provide a series of his drawings via this gallery. To see more of his drawings subscribe to the magazine.

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