The Roots of Albanian Nation and Statehood

The state-building aptitudes of nations represents the making real of an idea of ​​a state as a governing body where social substance already exists. The concept of the state, its birth and its development in history has produced endless theories. In this short essay, every statement is a point for restarting and re-examination. I do not want to limit the issue of the subject only to a certain age. Even now, studies related to the equation “State” and the “Albanian Nation” are fragmented, far from complete. Since the Albanian nation and state is a living reality this means that we can conceptualise a history and a point of creation for this nation with an exploration of its early development and surviving archaeological record. From this point of view, archaeology reopens the seemingly “closed doors” for the study of the state phenomenon in the land of the Albanians.

December 21, 2015 - Moikom Zeqo