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A Ukrainian victory would usher in a new geopolitical transformation

Inaction will never stop the Russian onslaught, as it provides the invaders with confidence in their own actions. The silence of the observers only emboldens the perpetrators. Inaction is complicity in their crimes.

March 16, 2022 - Mykola Voytiv - UkraineAtWar

Territorial defence manning one of checkpoints in the Kyiv region. Photo: Shutterstock

My understanding of war as a Christian is that it is the apogee of evil that has been accumulating for years or even decades. First, evil grows in one person. Then it takes over a group of people. The lack of love, goodness, humility, and excess of money and power help evil develop at a quick pace. Evil uses lies to appear to others as good. This is how political power is formed in a country that becomes an aggressor and starts wars.

The day before the war, my family and I returned to Kyiv from Ternopil by a car. For the 200 kilometre drive to Kyiv I observed the complete absence of cars on the highway. Suddenly, I noticed a huge cortege of luxury cars, accompanied by a large number of police (then I realised that it was the evacuation of some VIPs from Kyiv). Then a very “heavy” silence accompanied us to Kyiv. It was hard to breathe – the subconscious already knew what was about to happen.

We arrived to Kyiv at night on February 23rd. Exhausted, we went straight to bed, because the next day I had to go to work – at the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine where I continue the initiated reforms in the Ukrainian energy sector…

No one should be condemned for the actions of parents whom we do not choose, but every citizen is responsible for the president of the country, which he or she elects. Russians are responsible for Putin, whom they helped create. This is the evil to which they gave a chance to be born and for the third decade they cherish, allowing themselves to be “washed” with informational bullshit every day, and politely voting in election after election. The Russians fed a “multi-headed monster” which began to devour them.

The Russians confidently and senselessly coded their next generations with blind slavish humility and cunning, which will not be broken at the genetic level even in a hundred years! They are definitely not chosen people, but close to oblivion by history and humanity. Belarusians still have a last chance…

The full-scale war that Russia waged against Ukraine became the negative trigger that started the new world history of the third millennium. Maybe it sounds strange, but it is Ukraine which put an end to the Cold War, which did not actually end with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but lasted for more than 70 years. After the end of this war, which Ukrainians will win, an irreversible global geopolitical and economic transformation will begin.

  1. The United Nations, where among the permanent members in its Security Council there is a blocking member – the largest aggressor in the world – loses the usefulness of its existence in the form in which it is now. An aggressor cannot provide any security.
  1. The most powerful military-political bloc – NATO – has finally realised that it is necessary to make changes to its statutory documents and reboot. Because the world needs absolute security, not a deceptively “threatening”, pathetic and somehow frightened military-political alliance.
  1. The World Bank Group and the IMF (as a specialised agency of the UN) will unify their policies, and possibly a single global financial institution will be formed.

It is obvious that monetary policy instruments are already a thousand times more effective than lethal weapons, since they save thousands of lives and more convincingly restrain leaders, tyrants, despots and all those who gently cherish them for decades politely supporting them in elections.

Ukraine has already become the driver of all those necessary and positive transformations.

As former world boxing champion Volodymyr Klitschko (brother of Kyiv Mayor Vitalii) said: “Kyiv, as the capital of Ukraine, has already demonstrated that it is the capital of humanity, spirituality and peace.”

The Centre for Eastern Studies, a Polish public institution, has very clearly identified Russia’s true goal in this war: “It’s not about the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine that Putin has come to ‘protect’, or even Ukraine’s membership in NATO, which Russia is trying to thwart. It’s about a sovereign Ukrainian state – where a Russian-speaking actor of Jewish descent becomes President with 73 per cent support. This arouses Putin’s anger and hatred with all his KGB heart.”

The aid of all citizens of the world for Ukrainians is very impressive. And the matter is not from what country they are – whether the countries are members of military-political or economic blocs. What matters is the love and kindness of these people. They are not subject to international treaties, national legislation or statutory documents.

Various hypotheses can be considered about the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, against democratic Europe and the entire civilised world. I really do not want to believe that this is a cruel spectacle of destroying Ukrainians as a nation and the redrawing of the map of a new Europe without the consent of Europe and the world.

Yet, with each day of NATO’s silence and inaction, dozens of peaceful Ukrainians and children are brutally murdered.

Mykola Voytiv is a senior project manager at reform support team at the ministry of energy of Ukraine. He is a civil activist, a musician and a refugee from Kyiv.

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