Meanwhile in the Baltics...

solidarity academyMeanwhile in the Baltics... - a new publication which presents articles written by the graduates of 2016 Solidarity Academy - Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue, realised as a joint programme of the European Solidarity Centre and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). 


As a long-term partner of the Solidarity Academy - an international project aimed at inspiring and supporting the development of the young intellectual elites in Europe, New Eastern Europe has taken on the task to put together a collection of the participants' work. 


The publication can be dowloaded here.



Table of contents: Baltic-Sea-Youth-Dialogue-publication-Meanwhile-in-the-Baltics-net-dragged-209x300


George Makarenko - "The collapse of pre-election sociology: A view from Russia"


Marita Gasteiger - “Wilne – a walk through the Jewish Vilnius”


Svitlana Ovcharova - “The year of Black Protest”


Mira Fricke - “Fact-Checking tools and their role in a post-truth world”


Helen Wright - “The young Lithuanians tending their history above the Arctic Circle”


Dorian Jędrasiewicz - “Königsberg is no longer”


Ruben Dieleman - “Nuclear power in Poland: An unholy idea?”


Hubert Gregorski - “A poorly tailored federalism. The biggest ills of the Russian territorial system”


Monta Gāgane - “The best birthday in prison”


Andri Yrkill Valsson - “The Reykjavik Summit: When Iceland paved the way for world peace”


Anna Fedas - “Supporting young journalists: A few insights of the organisers”





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Ukraine: The European frontier

Pekar 2015Curated by Valerii Pekar, the blog offers regular analyses on the developments in Ukraine. Pekar, a former member of the National Reform Council and a co-founder of the Nova Kraina Civic Platform, provides an insider perspective on the ins and outs of Ukraine's politics, society and economy, as well as the effects of the ongoing war in Donbas and events in the annexed Crimea.

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