Europe with a View to the Future 2017

ECS 1 024Europe with a View to the Future is an international forum for European reflection.  This year’s forum will be held on May 25-27 2017 at the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.


Topics to be discussed include:


- Russia: 100 years after the revolution. A return to imperial politics in Europe?


- Antiliberal counter-revolutions. How are they changing Europe?


- Collective memory – a space for conflict or dialogue?


- In what kind of Europe do we want to live? Europe 60 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome?     


Click here to see the full agenda:


This year’s forum, the fifth Forum edition, will be dedicated to Leonidas Donskis (1962-2016) - Lithuanian philosopher, essayist, academic teacher and MEP who passed away in 2016. Donskis was a great friend of the European Solidarity Centre, editorial board member and author for New Eastern Europe. He actively worked for the Polish-Lithuanian dialogue and supported the development of young people from the Polish-Lithuanian border.


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