Warsaw Security Forum 2015

WSF sliderBetween November 5th and 6th, states officials and experts from EU and NATO will visit Warsaw to take part in Warsaw Security Forum 2015 (WSF2015), an international conference focusing on Europe’s challenges in scope of security and foreign policy.


This year topics focus on defence challenges from the Polish point of view, nevertheless including international approach and perspective. Every state, due to its geopolitical position, sees defence matters differently. Therefore, the Forum will be opened by a plenary session dedicated to rising economic power of China and India. Global influence of EU and USA on world policy will also be considered.


During the WSF2015 Panellists will discuss unstable Ukrainian situation, future of NATO, Common Security and Defence Policy and Polish army modernisation. These issues play a significant role in West-Russia strained relations and on-going conflict between Ukraine and Russian Federation. Experts will also debate on threats arising from hybrid warfare and will try to assess the results of recent sanctions imposed on Russia. Strengths and weaknesses among EU border states in the field of security will be also emphasised. Panellists will ellaborate on prospects of Ukraine membership in the EU and the role of the EU in supporting the dialogue between pro-Russian groups and the West faction.


The Ukrainian-Russian conflict creates the basis for invited guests to discuss EU Member States energy independence from Russian supplies. Cooperation of European countries in ensuring energy supply will be addressed in the context of the greater use of renewable energy, efficient ways to collect produced excess energy and preparation of the policy framework on climate and energy for the period of 2020-2030.


The situation in the Middle East and North Africa will not remain ignored during the WSF2015 and will cover the issues of immigration and fundamentalism. Furthermore, military activities of the Russian Federation in Syria, which in addition to fighting an Islamic State, aims to strengthen the regime of Bashar al-Assad, will be evaluated.


Immigration and fundamentalism will also be addressed in the context of growing support for populist parties in Europe and growing challenges of immigration from outside of the EU to EU Member States. Financial support of European political parties, such as the National Front in France, by Russian banks brings additional topic for the WSF2015 to discuss whether such support to anti-EU parties eventually leads to the dismantle of the EU.


Representatives of business sector, army and senior government officials will debate a long-term cooperation in military industry. They will also evaluate Polish army modernization plan for the years 2013-2022 and the EU's military capabilities in the face of modernization of the Russian army. Experts will also discuss whether in case of armed conflict the EU should unite their forces or rely on the help of NATO.


During two days of the WSF2015, between debates and the gala dinner, will be an opportunity to talk with special guest.


Learn more: http://warsawsecurityforum.org/