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Spinning with Batka


 In the relations between the European Union and Belarus not much has changed for quite some time: sanctions, thaws, threats and so on. Lukashenko’s recent request for western ambassadors to leave Minsk has added just one more dizzying spin.

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Living with Putin Redux


Few people think that the upcoming Russian presidential election will result in anything other than Vladimir Putin’s restoration to the Kremlin.  No credible opposition figure exists – or can be allowed to exist given the logic of the Russian system.  Putin may not get the 51per cent required for a first round win, but victory in the second seems assured, even if it requires the rule fudging that will happen anyway.

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Putin-Media: (In)decisive Confrontation


Each era has its own peculiar media wars. The recent attacks by the regime on the independent media – or at least those which aspire to – is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut compared to the wars that were waged against the media by the Kremlin a decade ago.

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Syria: Why Russia Rebuffs the Sheikhs


The diplomatic tug of war over Syria is being presented as a classic UN confrontation between the democracy promoting West and an anti-interventionist Russo-Chinese “veto entente.” This is a mistake.

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The Future of EU-Russia Relations – just a dream?


Fraser Cameron, Director of the EU-Russia Centre

The EU-Russia summit of spring 2025 was about to conclude. Presidents Medvedev and Bildt signed the accession treaty and smiled for the cameras. Few could have thought even a decade ago that Russia would be on the verge of joining the European Union.


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