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The Faustian Bargain


Susan Corke & David Kramer of Freedom House - for New Eastern Europe.

This text originally appears in New Eastern Europe No 2 (III) / 2012, available now for purchase.


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Pyongyang Looking at Moscow


In the Yeltsin era, North Koreans were not welcome guests at the Kremlin. After the break-up of the Soviet empire, Moscow pressed for debt repayment and started to suggest that the North Korean nuclear programme needed to be put under control. But times changed, along with the Kremlin administration.


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Twitter Diplomacy

P111509PS-0500_1.jpgAmerican Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, has claimed that state sponsored media have spied on him by hacking his email accounts and tapping his phone. McFaul is reported to have been stalked and followed around by NTV, a national TV station in Moscow. McFaul tweeted about this on his Twitter page stating that his phone was tapped and his emails intercepted.

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Cautious Optimism for Transnistria


Some have called him the Obama of Transnistria, Moldova’s breakaway republic.


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Lithuania and Poland: Lost in translation


Lithuanian–Polish relations, though far from being perfect in the political sense, are on a very good level in economic terms. This awkward situation is not only a hard task for policy makers, but may also influence future generations and their vision regarding the cooperation between Poland and Lithuania.


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  • EuroMaidan

    New Eastern Europe's Continuing coverage of the Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian government’s decision to put the country’s European integration on hold was met by a spontaneous protest of middle class and students. Three days later the rally organised by political parties attracted the biggest turnout since 2004 Orange revolution events.


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