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Wrocław Acts Globally


Between May 31st and June 2nd 2012, politicians, economists and other major figures in transatlantic relations converged in Wrocław Poland for the Wrocław Global Forum – a two and a half day conference on current hot topics.


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Is EU Membership the Only Option for Serbia?


Granting Serbia the status of candidate country for the European Union in March 2012 became an important moment in the post-Yugoslavian history of this country while at the same time also leading to a series of further questions and concerns.


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Veterans Who Never Smelled the Gunpowder


Victory Day is still quite important to Russians. In fact, recent opinion polls show that it is even more important than Christmas or Easter.


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Eurovision: Thuggery and Football


In the end, the BBC's exposé of football hooliganism in Ukraine and Poland lived up to the PR trail.

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Stadiums of Hate or Sensationalist Journalism?


Anti-Semitic chanting, monkey noises, Nazi graffiti and a former captain of England, Sol Campbell giving the juiciest of pull quotes: “Don't go to EURO 2012, or you might come back in a coffin.”


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    New Eastern Europe's Continuing coverage of the Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian government’s decision to put the country’s European integration on hold was met by a spontaneous protest of middle class and students. Three days later the rally organised by political parties attracted the biggest turnout since 2004 Orange revolution events.


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