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Europe & Me: Transnational Perspectives is a bi-monthly column written by contributors to Europe & Me, a Berlin-based online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans.


Unravelling Ukraine is a monthly column by Jakub Parusinski, the Chief Editor at the Kyiv Post.


Digital Eastern Europe is column dedicated to the topic of e-diplomacy. The column is moderated by Igor Lyubashenko.


New Eastern Europe's New Voices is a column which focuses on publishing and accepts submissions for commentaries, analyses, interviews, and book and film reviews related to Central and Eastern Europe.


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New Eastern Europe is a not-for-profit quarterly magazine dedicated to providing its readers with up-to-date and insightful commentary, analysis and discussion on the issues relating to the region today. The articles that appear in the issue are distinct than what is found online. However, all income made from our subscriptions are used to provide readers of both editions with the high quality they have come to expect.

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About New Eastern Europe


New Eastern Europe is a quarterly news journal which focuses on Central/Eastern European affairs. Our editorial team is based in Krakow, Poland. The project is a joint collaboration between the City of Gdansk, the European Solidarity Center and the Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe.

The objective of New Eastern Europe is to enhance understanding, raise awareness and further dialogue surrounding issues facing the states that were once a part of the Soviet Union or under its influence. New Eastern Europe is not a scholarly journal, but rather takes a more journalistic approach with commentary/analysis from journalists, experts, analysts, writers, historians, as well as leaders and political figures from the East and the West.

Our editorial philosophy is to provide a voice to the region. We maintain our independence from all of our funders and seek to print contributions that we feel best represent the region (even if we may not agree with it) .

Since publishing our first issue in October 2011, the reaction in Europe and America has been extremely positive. A recent review in the Austrian daily Die Presse wrote about New Eastern Europe that:

“The first issue of this journal met all its expectations: well-known authors from the East and West, and a variety of countries and topics covered. The texts are not academically pompous or overly long and the layout is extremely pleasant. In sum, a thoroughly successful magazine debut.”  Burkhard Bischof, Die Presse.

New Eastern Europe is a nonprofit journal written in English. All proceeds and grants we receive are dedicated to producing a high-quality, engaging journal sharing the most current in-depth analysis and ideas that are emerging out of the region. All costs are put into making sure that not only is the journal rich in quality and content, but also that it reaches a wide international audience.

Print issues of New Eastern Europe are for sale in Poland, Europe, North America and Australia. Our international distributor is Pineapple-Media.

Digital versions of New Eastern Europe are for sale through our digital distributor PocketMags online. We will also be available on mobile devices, iPads and Andriod tablets starting in 2013. 

All proceeds made on the sale of the magazine are used for the sole purposes of making our enterprise more sustainable and ensuring the highest quality to our readers and maintain free online content (in addition to the print journal) providing most up-to-date information on current events and culture in this region.

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