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Europe with a View to the Future 2015

We would like to thank everyone who came and participated in this year’s edition of the international forum: “Europe with a view to the future” which was held in Gdańsk on May 14-15 2015 at the European Solidarity Centre.


This year’s forum addressed the key issues of great concern for the future of our continent. The symbolic round table discussions focused on two main topics:


- The condition of European political community  

- Lessons learnt from the Ukrainian Revolution


The forum concluded with a speech by Donald Tusk, former Polish prime minister and President of the European Council.


All six panels are now online and can be viewed below:

Video one: New Ukraine, New Europe


Video two: Europe without Europeans? The Condition of the political community


Video three: Europe in a Time of War in the East: What lessons have we learnt and keep learning from the Ukrainian revolution?


Video four: Liberal Democracy in Poland: An attempt at a diagnosis


Video five: Award Ceremony of “Ambasador Nowej Europy” (Ambassador of New Europe)


Video six: A Speech by Donald Tusk: Europe with a view to the future



Andrzej Zaręba - Political cartoons

A gallery of cartoons drawn exclusively for New Eastern Europe by Andrzej Zaręba, a Kraków-based artist and political cartoonist.


Andrzej Zareba - Political cartoons