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The Prime Minister of Change

By: Aleksander Hall

“The major changes which took place in Poland in 1989 contributed to the awaking of the “fall of nations” in other Central and Eastern European countries. As prime minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki began the mission of building democracy in a situation where practically the entire state apparatus was rooted in the previous totalitarian system.”


Culture and Solidarity

By: Krzysztof Czyżewski

“We are now at the beginning of a long process. We may still not know the masterpieces of adeep culture, but we can already feel that it is not the breaking of taboos that is limiting the freedom of an individual. It is, thus, culture that answers the challenge of solidarity and is becoming a sign of our times.”


Victims of Russian Propaganda

By: Milan Lelich

“The Russian propaganda machine went into motion almost immediately with the start of the EuroMaidan revolution. With the new government in power in Kyiv, the focus is now discrediting the new authorities while simultaneously fanning the flames of separatism in the east of Ukraine.”


Poroshenko’s Historic Opportunity

By: Jakub Parusinski

“After declaring victory with 54 per cent of the vote, Petro Poroshenko now faces the challenge of boldly reforming Ukraine, rooting out corruption while at the same time calming a separatist rebellion in the east. All of this will be done under the distrustful watch of Ukraine’s post-Maidan public.”


180 Degree Shift

By: Marcin Kaczmarski

“In December 2013, improvements in Polish-Russian relations seemed to be undeniable, culminating in the signing of a “2020” cooperation programme by both ministers of foreign affairs. After only half a year, bilateral relations made a 180-degree shift. Russia was unanimously judged by the Polish elite as the number one threat to Poland’s security.”


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