Share Your Voice: 2014 NEE Reader Survery Online


Dear Readers,


For the last three years, our magazine has been continuously published in Poland and distributed in over 40 countries worldwide. Most recently, we have changed our format from a quarterly publication into a bimonthly.


On this occasion, we would like to take the opportunity and ask you, our readers, to complete this brief survey. We would like to know your opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the magazine as well as to learn about your preferences and expectations. Ultimately, we want New Eastern Europe to continue to develop and become even better in the future.



Click here to begin the survey: https://kolegium.wufoo.eu/forms/new-eastern-europe-2014-reader-survey/



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New Eastern Europe is a not-for-profit bimonthly magazine dedicated to providing its readers with up-to-date and insightful commentary, analysis and discussion on the issues relating to the region today. The articles that appear in the issue are distinct than what is found online. However, all income made from our subscriptions are used to provide readers of both editions with the high quality they have come to expect. 


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