Europe with(out) Borders - 1(I)/2011


2011-09 to 2011-12


The very first issue of New Eastern Europe examines the meaning of Eastern Europe from various perspectives. Martin Pollack provides a critical view of how Western Europeans imagine the borders to their East, even if some of them have already disappeared. Filip Florian contemplates Romanian intellectuals’ role in Europe and what real changes have occurred as a result of its membership in the European Union. Vesna Goldsworthy shares her experiences and reflections as she returns to her native Balkan region. Olena Betliy draws from the writings of Havel, Miłosz, and Konrád in her question to answer the question as to whether the countries of Eastern Europe are truly free.


Kataryzna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz analyses the limitations of the Eastern Parntership, while Damon Wilson, of the Atlantic Council, discusses security in Eastern Europe and calls the Eastern Partnership, “the best chance for changing the debate about Eastern Europe”.


The first issue provides a specific focus on issues happening in Ukraine. The arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko has brought concerns about Ukraine back to the forefront. Piotr Pogorzelski, Bogdana Kostyuk, and Viktoriya Chyrva all provide deeper analyses of the events unfolding and some underlying causes. In addition, Tomasz Kułakowski’s report on the “Beheading of Stalin” is a fascinating tale of a young boy at the centre of a controversy in a small Ukrainian town.


The issue also includes interviews with Wojciech Jagielski a Polish journalist who specialises in the Caucasus and Oksana Zabuzhko, a well-known Ukrainian writer.


These and other interesting texts, including book, film and art reviews are also found in the issue.


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