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New Eastern Europe – Editorial Board


The Editorial Board of New Eastern Europe is made up of experts from Poland and the region of Eastern Europe. They are the leading thinkers and opinion-makers on the issues of Central and Eastern Europe.


Prof. Leonidas Donskis (Lithuania) – ISM University of Management and Economics (former Member of European Parliament)


Prof. Yaroslav Hrytsak (Ukraine) – Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv


Dr Paweł Kowal (Poland) – Polish Academy of Sciences


Prof. Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria) – Centre for Liberal Strategies


Prof. Georges Mink (France) – Sciences Po


Prof. Zdzisław Najder (Poland) – former director of Polish section for Radio Free Europe


Dr Cornelius Ochmann (Germany/Poland) – Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation


Prof.  Lilia Shevtsova (Russia) – Brookings


Prof. Eugeniusz Smolar (Poland) – Jan Karski Education Foundation, Polish expert on foreign Policy  


Prof. Roman Szporluk (United States) – Harvard University


Prof. Jan Zielonka (United Kingdom) – Oxford University



Jan Andrzej Dąbrowski - The Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe in Wrocław


Basil Kerski - European Solidarity Centre



Adam L. Reichardt



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