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Ivan & Ivan

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Russian homosexuals are starting to talk more openly about their sexual orientation, with the generation currently reaching adulthood knowing only through personal stories that being “different” was punished by the Gulag and imprisonment in the Soviet Union.

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Ukraine is not a Brothel


The Ukrainian women movement Femen is not an academic debate, nor a manifestation organized on the International Women’s Day on March 8th. Ukrainian women want to solve their basic needs and do it in a loud, vociferous, provocative, and, above all, feminine way.


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  • The Road to Vilnius
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  • EuroMaidan

    New Eastern Europe's Continuing coverage of the Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian government’s decision to put the country’s European integration on hold was met by a spontaneous protest of middle class and students. Three days later the rally organised by political parties attracted the biggest turnout since 2004 Orange revolution events.


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