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A farewell to Giedroyc

kulturaThe plans for the future of TV Belsat presented by Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski are a good excuse for an overall reflection on Poland’s eastern policy as it is being conducted today. The proposal to drastically reduce Belsat’s funding and pass those savings on to funds for a new Polish-language channel to be broadcast abroad, including officially to Belarus, should not be seen as a one-off decision. It is a symptom of a fundamental turn-around: the departure from the assumptions that have guided nearly 25 years of Poland’s policy towards its Eastern European neighbours. Symbolically, this change can be described as “a farewell to  Giedroyc”.

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In search of barbarians

fisherman in ovidiopolThis piece originally appeared in Issue 6/2016 of New Eastern Europe. Subscribe now.

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Whatever happened to “Russia without Putin”?

russia without putinThis piece originally appeared in Issue 1/2017 of New Eastern Europe. Subscribe now.

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Ukraine in 2016: A brief summary

Lavra KyivIf you ask an average citizen in Ukraine about the progress of reforms in 2016, you will most likely hear that nothing has changed. According to many, over the past year there has been little improvement when comparing the population’s high demands and expectations with the actual results. However, a closer look at the reforms might prove the opposite.

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  • EuroMaidan

    New Eastern Europe's Continuing coverage of the Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian government’s decision to put the country’s European integration on hold was met by a spontaneous protest of middle class and students. Three days later the rally organised by political parties attracted the biggest turnout since 2004 Orange revolution events.


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